The 2016 edition of I Sustain Beauty brought two extraordinary projects to our attention: “Mondays at Racine” in the USA and Fiumi d’Acqua Viva onlus in Lamezia Terme, Italy.

You too can be inspired by their stories.


Monday was closing day at the Racine salon in New York, as it is in many places all over the world. But in 2012, owners and hairdressers Cynthia and Rachel decided to open on Mondays too, but only for a special clientele: women suffering from cancer. Without asking anything in return, they offer cosmetic and beauty treatments, massages, yoga, make-up advice and psychological support.

The Mondays at Racine initiative is one of the ex aequo winners of the 2016 edition of I Sustain Beauty. Many other salons have followed Cynthia and Rachel’s example in the United States, and today some 6,000 people benefit from this extraordinary Monday opening.


Ewa has achieved a lifelong dream: to open a spa, the Ewa Space of Beauty in Lamezia Terme, where she lives. Her beauty salon is right under the only lamp post in the street. Local kids come every evening; many are in trouble due to addictions, eating disorders or bullying. So Ewa and her husband decided to step in and help them. That’s why they founded the charity Fiumi di Acqua Viva, organising numerous activities and providing the psychological support these kids need to keep them off the streets and away from the dangers of darkness.

The Fiumi d’Acqua Viva recreational centre is the other ex aequo winner of the 2016 edition of I Sustain Beauty. Today it continues to help Lamezia Terme’s young people aged between 13 and 25 to build better lives.

Davines and [comfort zone] are proud to support these two projects and to tell the world about them, so that they can serve as examples for everyone who believes that Sustainable Beauty can improve the world.