Floating barriers on the Po River protect the Adriatic Sea

Since 80% of the waste found in the sea comes from the mainland, to save the sea we have to start with rivers. This is why the second edition of Tuteliamo Il Mare supported Il Po d’Amare, an experimental and innovative project aimed at reducing marine pollution through recovery of plastic waste in the river, when it is still easily recyclable.

Through collaboration with the Po River Basin Authority, the Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, Castalia and Corepla, barriers have been placed along the Po River, in the Sacca di Colorno area in the province of Parma, to directly act on the main Italian waterway and contribute to the protection of the Adriatic Sea.

The 2020 edition of Tuteliamo Il Mare focuses on the importance of both land and sea forests which, by producing oxygen, help to combat climate change. The campaign will support the planting of trees in Trentino with the Trentino Tree Agreement project and algae in the Cinque Terre seabed with the ROC-Pop Life project.


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  • 1,800 salons involved.
  • € 36,413 donated to the Il Po d’Amare project.
  • Recycling of plastic waste recovered from the river, which is not yet degraded by sea salt and sun exposure.