A coalition of independent leaders to revitalize society and nature

We only have 10 years left to take concrete steps to develop a new economic paradigm which, in line with the SDGs, can create favorable conditions for everyone to live in prosperity. This appeal, which may be our last opportunity, has inspired the founders of “Regeneration 20/30” to create a global regenerative alliance between governmental and non-governmental organizations, spiritual leaders, the academic world and the private sector with a view to initiating dialogue, sharing ideas and taking concrete steps. All participants will have to sign a “pledge” with specifi c and measurable commitments in three key areas: regenerative economy, climate action and global happiness/well-being.

Davide Bollati, Chairman of the Davines Group, is one of the founders of “Regeneration 20/30”, a project that the company strongly supports and which is consistent with its values and with the choices that the Davines Group has always made to address the climate emergency and improve the community’s well-being.


Community (public institutions, private sector, policy makers, spiritual leaders, the academic world, NGOs and civil society).


  • Support for the development of a regenerative economy, a system in which all actors are a positive force that regenerates people, society and the biosphere.
  • Support for climate action to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions and to shift business models towards decarbonization and a new inclusive and prosperous economy.
  • Support for the development of world happiness in its most profound sense of self-fulfi llment, altruism, individual and social well-being, and a real measure of human progress.
  • Support for the identification of a new 21st century leadership model based on the values of compassion, wisdom and courage and the working principle of interdependence.