The Davines Group supports the collective climate action initiated by the B Corp movement

At the United Nations COP25 Climate Change Conference held in Madrid in December 2019, the Davines Group, together with other certified B Corp companies, committed to accelerating the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, officially declaring that it would become “net zero emissions” by 2030, 20 years ahead of the Paris Agreement deadline. The Group’s commitment to achieving this target, which involves drastically reducing its CO2eq emissions and offsetting residual emissions, will be scheduled on the basis of a special “road map”. This collective effort to reduce emissions is the fastest action that has ever been taken by such a large number of companies to halt and reverse the current climate trajectory. The “road map” aims to contain the increase in global average temperature below the 1.5 degree threshold, which has been identified as the limit that must not be exceeded in order to avoid the worst consequences for our planet and its inhabitants. For the Davines Group, this commitment is one of its steps towards promoting a virtuous system of restitution to the environment and society in order not to take resources away, but rather to contribute to the creation of shared and lasting prosperity for everyone.


Community (B Corps and other companies).


  • 500 certified B Corp companies from all over the world have signed the agreement to achieve “net zero emissions” by 2030, i.e. to zero their carbon footprint.
  • Raised awareness in the business world about joining the collective climate action.