Beauty collaborates with FAI

The 2019 edition of the “FAI la scelta giusta” (Make the right choice) [ comfort zone ] Longevity Week campaign was dedicated to enhancing the beauty that surrounds us and to our responsibility to preserve it, and therefore supported the Italian Environmental Fund (FAI), the nonprofit foundation for the preservation of Italy’s historical, artistic and landscape heritage. Specifically, the campaign contributed to the maintenance of the Riserva dei Giganti della Sila, a nature reserve chosen by the participants and favored by 3,105 out of 8,619 people who took part in the online vote. The Reserve is a majestic forest of centuries-old trees, “pini larici” pines and mountain maples that have survived intact since the seventeenth century, creating a magnificent natural spectacle and an extraordinary biogenetic reserve. Through the Longevity Week campaign, FAI will take steps to conserve the beauty and uniqueness of this historical and natural heritage, to enhance it and to make it accessible to the public, while preserving its natural beauty. The 2020 edition of the campaign, in collaboration with the University of Parma, will support a research project that results in a small book dedicated to unearthing episodes in the history of cosmetics relating to female beauty in Italy between the 15th and 19th centuries.


Professional customers.
End customers.
Community (Italian state and private citizens).


  • 575 beauty salons involved.
  • € 35,020 donated to FAI for the maintenance of the Riserva dei Giganti della Sila through reconstruction of part of the visitors’ route and the entrance gate, maintenance of the fence and cleaning of the paths.