With La Collecte du Coiffeur, the Davines salons promote a circular economy


Since 2018, Davines has been encouraging French hair salons to take part in the Medical Collection company’s La Collecte Du Coiffeur project to recover professional waste and reuse it through recycling and new energy production projects. La Collecte Du Coiffeur organizes the collection from hair salons of special waste that can only be disposed of by specialized companies and manages this waste, certified by a traceability document, right up to recycling or disposal, which is carried out in compliance with European directives at waste-to-energy plants. Spray cans are therefore totally recycled and emptied dye tubes become a new energy source. To support the company’s participation in the project, an agreement has been signed with the Medical Collection which gives the Davines salons a special price.


Professional customers.


  • 25 salons participating in La Collecte du Coiffeur as of January 2020.
  • 1,550 liters of dye tubes collected at the Davines salons in 2019, which help to generate energy.
  • 750 liters of spray cans collected at the Davines salons and 100% recycled.