With Coiffeurs Justes recycling enters Davines salons


Davines France has been working with Coiffeurs Justes since 2019 to promote the recovery of cut hair at hair salons and its recycling in projects that foster exemplary circular economy models. Coiffeurs Justes, an association founded in France based on an idea by hairdresser Thierry Gras, has been working for years to exploit cut hair, a valuable organic material that can be reused as a new resource in various fields, from fertilization to purification of wastewater and water polluted with hydrocarbons. Through Davines’ support, partnerships with local actors and awareness-raising campaigns, the association aims to collect 10 tons of hair that can be used to produce filters to purify fresh water and sea water in France. In support of the project, Davines has distributed special bags at its hair salons to recover and ship cut hair. Each bag enables about 1.9 kg of hair to be collected, equivalent to about 220 cuts.

The project will continue in 2020, providing Davines customers with collection bags.


Professional customers.


  • 5,000 bags distributed by Davines for collecting cut hair in hair salons.
  • 6,000 bags produced by Davines to distribute at its salons in 2020.
  • Raised awareness about the value of cut hair, which can be recycled in projects that benefit the environment.