• WHO: Onlus, foundations and associations
  • WHERE: In Italy and in the world
  • HOW: Donation or sponsorship
  • WITH WHAT: Contribution in cash or in kind (i.e. in products and other services)

The Davines Group supports the social, cultural and environmental initiatives of numerous non-profit organizations, locally and globally.

Our support can be expressed through a donation that does not expect a direct return. As in the case of the Gel del Buon Auspicio, hand sanitizer donated to Italian bodies and associations at the forefront against the Coronavirus.

Sponsorship instead expect visibility or other benefits in exchange for our commitment to support an event or organization. For example, this happened with the support of the Davines Group for the publication of the UN World Happines Report, which was reciprocated with the presence of the Davines logo in the published document and with the opportunity to participate in the launch event.